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Soon to be a two years old Canadian Stake-Pool running without a hitch !

Cardano is the future! Be a part of it today!

The very first french canadian pool! Our community is gathered here to share our passion for the very incredible ecosystem of Cardano. If you believe in it as much as we do, join us and offer us your support!

Why [FRCA🍁] ?

Here's why you can trust us:

Google Cloud Network

The security and performance of the Google Cloud network is behind our pool. Their private global fiber optic network provides

unmatched performance and stability that will make sure you get all the rewards you are entitled to.

Scalable architecture

We can increase the number of cores and the memory size of our servers when needed through the Google Cloud platform in matter of minutes.


We are IT professionals and we use Grafana to monitor our infrastructure and thus have an alert system to ensure that we can react quickly if a problem arises and ensure the stability of our network.

Stock Exchange

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